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Lynne Brown, owner and lead consultant for Mid Michigan Consulting.

Lynne Brown, is the owner and lead consultant for Mid-MI Consulting, LLC. Lynne has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience with expertise specializing in start-up businesses, marketing, branding, design, organizational structure, and promotion and community engagement. She has helped numerous mid-Michigan businesses, non-profits and educational institutions promote their programs and build capacity through; creative partnerships, strong marketing, brand identities and fresh approaches.

Strategic Planning, Brand Building, Marketing and Design for Michigan’s Farm to Table Food Movement. Throughout this decade Federal, State and educational agencies have been at instrumental in leading the way with grants and training to assist small and mid-size farms and food entrepreneurs expand markets and develop new market opportunities. Lynne Brown has been at the forefront of these initiatives, working hand-in-hand with producers, distributors and retailers to identify opportunities to expand Michigan’s rich food products, people and resources. Mid-Michigan Consulting offers clients a wide array of services to expand the client’s own unique products, services and message to expand their footprint in the market place. These services include: strategic planning, feasibility studies, customer satisfaction & marketing trends surveys and data analytics, grant writing, grant activity support and being a market intermediary introducing new products and branding to the market.

In 2012 Lynne teamed with Lansing’s Allen Neighborhood Center to develop, build and launch their newest program Allen Market Place (AMP). Allen Market Place one of only 6 food hubs in the state of Michigan in 2013.

Leading into working with Allen Neighborhood Center, Lynne owned and operated “Perspective 2” or “P2” a community special events facility in Old Town, Lansing— a Michigan Main Street Cool City. She developed the business model, conducted research, worked with community leaders for support, brokered the financing and in 2007, purchased, remodeled and transformed an 80-year-old obsolete “Five and Dime Store”, giving new life to a 6800 sq ft facility and bridging multiple blocks of the East Grand River corridor in Old Town. The P2 drew more than 15,000 destination visitors annually.

In August of 2012, Lynne brokered the sale of P2 and began working the Allen Neighborhood Center to grow their newest program. Their first collaboration was to create, develop and host “A Big Fuss about Food Fundraiser!” to help fund and launch their new Food Hub. Lynne took the lead in design, branding, marketing and developing a “fun experience” for the guests in attendance while the building was under construction. The “Big Fuss” event drew more than 300 guests and was the most successful fundraiser in the 14 year history for the agency.

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