Delicious and Easy Chocolate Souffle With Grazing Fields Eggs

I discovered a great Chocolate Souffle recipe using Grazing Fields Eggs and it is naturally gluten free and it can be adapted to be made without milk proteins! These decadent little dessert gems are the perfect treat on cold winter day…delicious! Check it out on our new Grazing Fields Resources Tab.

January, 2015—Rudyard, MI

Focus Group Studies, Marketing and Branding and for Upper Peninsula Maple Syrup Company positioned for growth in 2015!

For the last 3 months Mid-Michigan Consulting has been working with Mike and Derek Ross in Rudyard, Michigan to re-brand their growing, family owned, Maple Syrup business. Watch for new and upcoming information on fruit infused syrups and organic happening this year!

Branding, Marketing and Food Hubs…

This week, I had the pleasure to give a presentation in St Johns, at a regional workshop called “Annie’s Project” with MSU Extension. It is a dynamic program aimed to strengthen business leadership with women in agriculture. This program is offered in more than 34 states. My presentation was three pronged exploring the importance of Branding, Marketing to Customers and Food Hubs. For more information on this or other projects offered by MSU Extension contact Marilyn L. Thelen. If you or your organization would like to have Mid Michigan Consulting present to your group or organization please contact Lynne Brown

Mid MI Consulting Client Awarded $75,000 Grant!

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Announces Projects Awarded — Value Added & Regional Food System Grants

Monday, April 21st— Mid Michigan Consulting client, Jane Bush, of the Farmers’ Egg Co-operative “Grazing Fields”was awarded a maximum $75,000 grant to “Increasing Regional Farm Production and Expanding Commercial Markets” in Michigan. Lynne Brown of Mid Michigan Consulting took the lead role with the strategic planning and writing for the grant.  Both Brown and Bush are elated with the announcement and can’t wait to get started with the farm outreach, brand building and expanding the commercial markets. To find out more, here is the MDARD LINK

Michigan Agriculture Magazine

A great article in Michigan Agriculture Magazine,”Buying Local” on page 48 written by freelance writer, Keri Ann Beazel . Keri interviewed me (Lynne Brown) last year while Assistant Director of the Allen Market Place, Mid-Michigan’s first non-profit food hub. Rich Pirog, the Senior Associate Director MSU Center for Regional Food Systems (CRFS) and leader of the Michigan Food Hub Learning and Innovation Network was also interviewed. I continue to work with both Rich Pirog and co-coordinator Jude Barry on a new project studying the “State of the State” for Michigan’s livestock industry.